Time Management With A Newborn? It IS Possible…

by Scott Jay Ringle on September 20, 2009

Hey folks,

My wife and I were sitting down the other day making up a timeline of when we can accomplish certain tasks, and we were talking about how much our lives changed since little Kayla joined us. Being human beings, we always had our own little personal, and sometimes necessary, distractions that deterred us from business, but as everyone knows, we are HUGE advocates of time management.

Since Kayla arrived, however, things have been a little less….how should we say?….predictable? :)

With this new addition, we’ve had to make adjustments to our Daily Method of Operation, but the great thing that we discovered was that even though life and day-to-day activities are unpredictable, we can still apply the principles of time management to accomplish what we need to do. Instead of getting up in the morning and writing a few articles and checking on PPC, I change a diaper and do a morning feeding. But, when Kayla’s asleep in the evening, I’ve turned my personal time in the evening into what used to be my morning routine time.

I’ve been forced to come up with creative ways to accomplish my tasks, and the more and more that I see that it IS possible, albeit with a little difficulty, the more and more I want to tell people to stop whining. I don’t want to hear that you’ve got “this” and “that” to do, and just can’t fit anything more into your time schedule. If you don’t call having a newborn, two dogs, a house to care for, elderly parents to care for, a happy marriage to keep, and running a lucrative online business a full schedule, then you’re fooling yourself. But still, I find 28 hours in a 24 hour day to do it. And why? Because I know that there is NO excuse to not invest my time into my business…to be completely self-reliant when it comes to business, and to never worry that someone can say “You’re Fired” and change my life.

You need to invest the necessary time into your business. If you don’t see it as absolutely necessary, regardless of what you have going on in your life, then you will never be the 3% that actually becomes successful.

Check out this video on time management that I shot, with Kayla’s debut in online marketing videos… :)

Take some action folks!

Scott Jay Ringle

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